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The Fast, Simple System To Teach Yourself—And Others—The Fundamentals Of Mixing Cocktails (+ How To Come Up With Your Own Imaginative Creations)

There's Endless Bartending Content On The Internet.

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We Designed Essential Cocktail Formulas To Be The Last Digital Resource You Need For Cocktail Bartending.

The Complete Cocktail Training System You Can Use Again and Again

Learn How 9 Cocktail "Building Blocks"...

Make Up The 6 Most Influential Classic Cocktails...

So That You Can Come Up With Unlimited Original Signature Cocktails...

Here's What You'll Get Access To Inside Essential Cocktail Formulas:

Module 1: Your Checklist

Everything you'll want to have on hand should you decide to go along with Essential Cocktail Formulas in real time. Your Checklist will be invaluable if you want to deliver this workshop to your staff or guests.

Module 2: Bar Tool Primer

A craftsperson is nothing withour their tools. In this module we go over the tools you can't do without. Throughout Essential Cocktail Formulas you will learn how to master your bar tools.

Module 3: Cocktail DNA

Cocktails become simple once you understand their "building blocks." In Cocktail DNA, we break down the 9 fundamental elements that make up all cocktails. This is where you begin learning the rules so that you can eventually break them—and come up with your own imaginative creations.

Module 4: The Old Fashioned (2 Ways)

Learn how to strike the perfect balance of bitters, sugar, spirit, and dilution in the Old Fashioned. Expand your repertoire by learning 2 different ways to prepare the Old Fashioned (one way would make Don Draper blush, the other will impress your bar manager).

Module 5: Seasoning + Lengthening A Spirit With The Manhattan / Martini

Discover the role "lengtheners" play in the Manhattan and Martini—and how both historically come from the same cocktail. Armed with the "DNA" of these cocktails, you'll begin to understand how to make subtle tweaks to quickly come up with your own "spirit-driven" creations.

Module 6: Soften Texture + Flavour With The Whiskey Sour

Learn to efficiently build and mix the perfect Whiskey Sour. You'll be able to use egg whites to give your cocktails a unique silky texture using a combination of dry and wet shaking techniques. Plus, learn about the importance of "Aromatic Garnishes" in cocktails that feature egg whites.

Module 7: The Sidecar (+ The Golden Ratio)

Get The Golden Ratio that you'll use again and again—especially when coming up with cocktails "off-the-cuff." This tried and true "formula" will help you come up with imaginative creations faster than you thought possible.

Module 8: The Tom Collins & Adding Effervescence—Without Drowning Out Your Spirit

Throughout ECF, you'll be reminded that the spirit is the hero of the drink. This is put to the ultimate test when adding any kind of soda. The Tom Collins will teach you how to use bubbly mixers so that it compliments the spirit — not drown it out. You'll find this formula particularly useful for coming up with non-alcoholic cocktails.

Module 9: Mixing With Amaro Modifiers In The Negroni

Finally, we add the element of mixing with bitter flavours in the iconic Negroni. Master how to use potable bitters to add "depth" to your drinks (these are ideal before and after a meal).

5 Ways You Can Use Essential Cocktail Formulas

Follow Along At Home

Host A Cocktail Party

Deliver A Cocktail Workshop

Train Your Team

Give An Online Cocktail Seminar

Plus Get These Three BONUS Assets...

The Holy Trinity Of Descriptors

Want to impress your guests with your knowledge? Sell more from behind the bar? All you need to do is master The Holy Trinity of Descriptors and you will be able to easily describe any product you work with.

The Cocktail Guide

The 50 most ordered classic cocktails, bulletproof recipes, and short cocktail anecdotes you can use to entertain your guests. The Cocktail Guide is part of dozens of bar training programs.

The 50 Illustrated Essential Cocktail Cue Cards

There's one thing our top-performing students have in common: they use cue cards. So we designed and illustrated a set—so you don't have to do it yourself.

What Students Say About Our Training

"Still, every day I walk into work and find myself resorting to the things I learned from Nimble. It’s that lasting confidence that sticks with you, even when you don’t realize it. That’s what surprised me the most, just how much ingrained confidence Nimble gives you behind the bar.”

Jack Migué, Bartender

"I wonder if I would still be as passionate about bartending if my introduction had been at [other bar training left unnamed] rather than Nimble Bar Co."

Harry Tham, Bartender

"My biggest takeaway was how a small simple list of cocktails becomes hundreds of other cocktails by simply changing one or two ingredients. I've used Essential Cocktail Formulas to teach hundreds of people how to create many of the classic cocktails as well as new custom cocktails."

Brian Chapman, Bartender

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Kyle. Co-Founder of Nimble Bar Co.

I remember being a new bartender trying to cram as much cocktail knowledge as I could bussing to my new bar job.

Like an A.D.D. psychopath I would bounce around from Wikipedia to YouTube to Instagram.

It was stressful.

We created Essential Cocktail Formulas to give you just one spot to go to online to quickly digest the cocktail knowledge you need to win as a bartender.

And this isn't a program we slapped together.

We've fine-tuned what's inside by delivering this training to thousands of bars, bartenders, and guests through our in-person training and online.

In fact, I personally guarantee that if you don't find this to be an invaluable addition to your "digital bookshelf" within 30 days of purchase, I'll send you your money back (no questions asked).

Happy mixing!

Kyle Guilfoyle

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We're bartenders just like you.

We understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you could've watched on YouTube.

We're extremely proud of the products we create and know anyone who buys them and uses what they learn will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why we're offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee you'll turn into a master bartender over night, we CAN guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the system inside and its ability to save you time and stress.

Of course, If you’re not happy with Essential Cocktail Formulas, we'll refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Questions & Answers

How do I get access to the training?

As soon as you submit payment, you'll receive an email that gives you instant access to Essential Cocktail Formulas.

That email will direct you to create your account and choose your login password.

How long am I able to access the training?

You get lifetime access to ECF. We also tailor the product to YOUR feedback and will continuously update it. You also get access to future updates.

Who is this for?

Essential Cocktail Formulas is perfect for those who want to understand cocktail fundamentals efficiently.

If you're already a bartender or bar enthusiast, ECF is a system you can use to train your guests and team.

It's also a template you can use if you'd like to earn money on the side delivering seminars / workshops.

Who is this NOT for?

ECF won't be for you if you're unwilling to actually engage with the material inside.

How is this different from other bar training (+ what's available for free online)?

More than just a training, ECF is a 'system' or 'workshop' that we've developed over the last 5 years.

You'll find elements of what's inside elsewhere, but you won't find it organized in a way that we've proven to efficiently teach others exactly what they need to know—and nothing more.

You can "plug and play" this system into your own training or fun event.

Why should I listen to you?

Our in-person high-performance bartending school has taught over 200 students and received 100% 5 star reviews.

Over 10,000 bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts have gone through our various online trainings from a Udemy course to live virtual cocktail seminars.

We're also trusted by some of the biggest brands in the business: Beam Suntory, Campari, Empress 1908, and others.

But more importantly, we've been exactly where you are. We know how overwhelming it can be to learn and master this material—which is why we're hellbent on simplifying the journey for you.

Get Instant Access To Essential Cocktail Formulas Now

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One-Time Payment

If you have any questions or concerns about Essential Cocktail Formulas, call, text, or email us. We're happy to help: 1-778-601-6007 / hello@nimblebar.co.